Finally! New pix from 2010

Beach Stars

Elana to School

Stuffed turtle (and puzzle)

Mud Girls

New Playroom

"Eater Turtle"

Easter 2010

Learning about bats with the visiting bat scientists from Germany

Easter 2009

Fiona's Birthday Plant

Pool at Casa Morfo

Elana at a Pool Party (no bathing suit, thanks)

What we do when Papa's fishing...

Surprise! I'm a mermaid!

Look how much I've grown! (June 9)

Just some shots from yesterday (April 21st)

Elana's favorite music & Fiona's favorite activity (April19th)

Fiona and Elana after the pool couch potatoing April...14th?

Fiona and Elana with matching ponytails today (April 9th)