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About Agua Vista

river Agua Vista

river Agua Vista

Waterfalls and dipping pools at Agua Vista

The River

One of the major attractions in Montezuma is the Montezuma Waterfalls, three waterfalls in a row. There are two smaller ones on top, which many consider to be nicer as they are more private, followed by the spectacular bottom waterfall which cascades down 80 feet.

One of the things that makes Agua Vista special is the 800 meters of river front and from our private path to the Montezuma River it is a 10 minute walk along the river to the top two falls. Along the way there are several very nice small falls and dipping pools. Once you arrive at the waterfalls, you will find two deep swimming pools and a rope swing for an exhilarating entry.

waterfall Agua Vista

Jumping into a natural pool

pool Agua Vista

View from the pool at Agua Vista

The Views and Gardens

Views of the ocean are an ever changing delight to the eye. The nuance of colors over the course of the day, the sailboats and cruise ships, the mountains peeking out beyond the gulf, even whales spouting up sprays of water are what we have the privilege of enjoying here.

Also of great beauty are the gardens surrounding Agua Vista. Keep alert - there is plenty of wildlife around waiting to be spotted!

garden Agua Vista


pool Agua Vista

Pool and Rancho

The Pool

While both Casa Trogon and Casa Morfo have private plunge pools, all of our guests enjoy relaxing and swimming in our centrally located infinite edge pool. It features two levels - the top one is smaller and shallower and great for children. The view from the pool is the best on the property and a little bamboo rancho sits pool side providing a shady spot to hang on a hammock and surf the web.

pool Agua Vista

Pool waterfalls

pool Agua Vista

Trail to pool

Pond Agua Vista

Bridge over stocked waters

The Ponds

Recently, we added some fish ponds and water features.

We have several ponds with different varieties of Japanese Koi carp, known as "living jewels".

This has become a minor obsession for all of us, major for some of us, so expect to see an ever increasing variety of these beautiful fish.

pond Agua Vista

Koi Agua Vista

View Agua Vista

The Beauty

We have been very lucky to host a variety of creative visual artists here at Agua Vista and we invite you to browse some of their work, created here, in our guest gallery!

Art Agua Vista

About Montezuma and the Southern Nicoya Peninsula

Montezuma Agua Vista


waterfall Montezuma

The Big Waterfall

Some of our favorite things in Montezuma:

The Town

Montezuma, Costa Rica is a long-time favorite for travelers from all over the world. This unique place is on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, on the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Nearby towns include Santa Teresa (a favorite with surfers), Mal Pais, Manzanillo, Tambor, Cabuya, and Cóbano.

Refer to the map on our Contact page to get a better idea.

Montezuma is a cozy town famous for its bohemian/ hippie flavor and the stunning beauty of the surrounding nature. A particularly delightful aspect of Montezuma is that it has a true downtown, and isn't sprawled along the coast as is common in other Costa Rican beach side communities.

Artists, conservationists, nature lovers and all kinds of interesting creative people have visited this magical spot, fell in love, and stayed. It is not uncommon to hear someone say that when they arrived they felt an immediate connection and knew this was the place they were meant to be.

Playa Cedros Montezuma

Playa Cedros

Playa Montezuma

Playa Montezuma

Some activities you can enjoy around here:

• Honey's Saturday morning organic market
• Italian gelato at Ice Dream
• Our kids' school - Escuela Futuro Verde
• Locally made artisania sold on the street and in the many shops
• Yoga at Montezuma Yoga & Devaya Yoga
• Topsy bookstore
• People watching with a beer at Chicos
• Romantic dinners at Playa de los Artistas
• Tide pools at Playa Las Manchas.

• Shopping
• Sightseeing
• Restaurants
• Fishing/Boating
• Whale Watching
Turtle Hatching
• Swimming
• Ziplining
• Snorkeling/Diving

Surfing (particularly during the green season, May-Nov.)
• Parasailing
• Hiking
Mountain Biking
• Wildlife Viewing
• Horseback Riding

Friends of Agua Vista

tide pools Montezuma

In the volcanic outcropping at the many beaches you will find tide pools which make wonderful dipping pools and where you can marvel at maritime mini ecosystems.

The Nature

This area of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula is equally renown for the enchanting natural surroundings, with stunning white-sand beaches, secluded rocky coves, and spring fed rivers with picturesque waterfalls.

The rivers are very clean because the surrounding land is protected which makes dipping into the natural pools both a refreshing and lush jungle experience with abundant wildlife. Agua Vista borders 800 meters of the Montezuma River and, as a result, we are fortunate to be hosts to an astounding wealth of wildlife in this wild pocket of the world. This is still a place where jaguars, ocelots, margays, and jaguarundis live, as well as huge variety of sea life, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. 
See our Wildlife page!

full moon Agua Vista

The clear night sky is breathtaking. The ocean views from Montezuma face east and the full moon rising over the ocean is a spectacular event. When the moon isn't shining, the relative remoteness of this part of the world ensures zillions of stars twinkling overhead.

About Your Hosts

We are a Tico-Gringa couple who met here in 1993 and have two little monkeys of our own. He hails from neighboring Cóbano and she comes all the way from New Jersey, USA.

After living in The Big Apple for 9 years, we decided to move back to the 'ol hometown in 2006 so the kids could swap jungle gyms for the jungle, and we happily left computer maintenance and children's animated television behind!

Because of our bicultural heritage and our deep roots in the local community, we are able to provide you with an authentic Costa Rican experience that also respects the unique concerns of tourists from abroad.

March 2014

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