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"How far away from town and the beach are you located?"

We are located approximately 2 km to both town and the beach, which is a 5 minute drive or a 30 minute walk. Slightly more than half of this distance is on our driveway which is a winding dirt road through secondary forest. There are several hills along the way, the most notable one on the main road which is a long steep hill into Montezuma.

"Is it necessary to rent a car?"

Though most of our guests do rent a car, approximately 40% do not and either rely on taxis or walking to get to and from town and the beach. If you do not plan on doing a lot of touring around, taking taxis can be more economical, if slightly less convenient. If you find after you arrive that you would like to rent a car, we can arrange this for you.

"Do the houses have hot water?"

Yes, all of our houses have hot water showers and cool water outdoor showers.

"Can you help us set up tours while we are in Montezuma?"

Of course, we would be happy to arrange tours for you. Alex is a local and knows everyone. He can set it up for you when you are here.

"How far away are the Montezuma river and waterfalls?"

We are located directly on the Montezuma River with 800 meters of river front and direct private access via well maintained trails. We have several very nice mini falls and dipping pools at our point on the river and a 10 minute walk down river will bring you to the top two falls of the famous Montezuma waterfalls. The third and final fall descends over 80 feet and is only safely accessed from below.

"How much does it rain during the rainy season?"

The amount of rain that we get during the rainy season is highly variable, especially now that our climate is changing. It is safe to say, however, that during most of the rainy season, what we generally get is sun in the morning and showers in the evening. During and/or around May/June and September/October we may get rain throughout the day for several days, but again, this is impossible to predict.

"Which time of year is the best time to visit Montezuma?"

Almost any time of year is a good time to visit, it just depends upon what you want to do or see.

During the "high" season, December - April, it is dry and there are more tourists (obviously.) It is a wonderful time to hang out on the beach. The town is in full swing so the nightlife and dining options are more varied. Melons and mangos are delicious and in season during the dry season.

During the "low" season or green season, May - November, it is wetter, therefore greener. There are more flowers and visible wildlife. The surfing in Montezuma, in particular, is an undiscovered hot spot during the green season. From August to December you have the chance to see mother and baby whales frolicking in the Gulf.

Year round you can go observe mother sea turtles laying eggs and babies hatching, however, the most volume of turtles is during the fall.



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